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About Us


Your face deserves a great frame


Established in 2014, August Eyewear is the flagship store built up by a leading Optician, in the Australian optical industry, Charles Martin. Situated in the heart of Perth CBD, Western Australia, our convenient location offers visitors to Perth and regular clientele the opportunity to experience the finest independent designer eyewear available. Feast one's eyes on leading bespoke handmade eyewear sourced annually from around the world. As key representatives, our team dedicates themselves as patrons to the arts with a strong aesthetic sense of quality over quantity.


A passion for eye care and eyewear


At August Eyewear, we have a passion for providing premium eye care and eyewear. Starting as a concept store in the heart of the Perth CBD in 2014, leading optician Charles Martin has set the benchmark for optician services, offering bespoke and handmade eyewear by the most respected designers from around the world. 


We offer frames in all varieties and styles, including square framed, round, cat eye, aviator, thin and light-weight metal styles (often Titanium), vintage designs, semi-rimless glasses, slim and narrow oval or rectangular reading glasses, statement and bedazzled eyewear frames, hipster black-rimmed glasses, clear transparent frame glasses, tortoiseshell glasses and modern print eyewear frames.


You will find that our range exceeds your expectations. The eye for detail that the designers have poured into the designs and the truly unique fit will set you apart. After all, your face is a work of art, and it deserves to be framed with the best frame available.


When you are ready to experience quality over quantity, our opticians are here for you - ready to help you find the designer eyewear to best frame your face with. It’s all about aesthetics when choosing eyewear. And yes, there’s a major difference between designer frames and the unexciting, and uninteresting frames found in nationwide optician chains. 


Our optical dispensers always take the utmost care when measuring and preparing for the order of your lenses. If you have vision problems or would like to receive additional attention, you are at the right address with us.


When you have found the frames you love, we can easily process most health fund rebates in-store. Furthermore, we offer SeeNow to our customers, a tailored after pay and interest-free credit on lenses, frames and sunglasses.

Dispenser profiles.

Charles Martin (known as Chaz)

Owner of August Eyewear and It's About Face Opticians, along with his wife Robyna, Charles is a leading Optician in the optical industry. With over 40+ years of experience in the trade, Charles will share everything you need to know about Optical health care and glasses fitting. One of a kind customer service, quality guaranteed, furthermore, Charles will make sure you walk out the door in a pair of glasses that suit your features, correctly serve their purpose and complement your individuality.


Robyna Martin

Robyna brings a burst of life into any August Eyewear and It's About Face Opticians shopping experience. Visit her today to schedule an eye test with an August Eyewear Opticians Optometrist, learn the history and construction process of all our collections, and get your hands on some of our international one-off brands in store.


Sarsby Martin

August Eyewear are both family-owned and run businesses and in that vane, we would like to acknowledge our appreciation to our daughter as she has been instrumental in assisting us especially since the inception of August Eyewear. Strongly influenced by her father, Sarsby took on the role as assistant manager and buyer for August Eyewear when our doors opened and just after studying to be an Optical Dispenser for three years. Although Sarsby has moved on she has excelled in helping us to achieve the websites for both businesses and continues to have our best interests at heart.


What's in the name August Eyewear?

There's a little story to it.


When you are about to launch and open a new concept store, you want to get the name just right. As you would expect, this is a bit of a headache. It's easy to come up with different names, but it's really hard to come up with a name contains meaning and essence that you want to project into the world.


When we were approaching opening date, and after brainstorming for months, the idea finally landed; "what does August mean again?". It turns out we didn't need to wreck our brains any longer. The name of the month that we would open contained exactly the of what we want to project in the world. 

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