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Minchillo Occhialeria

The Minchillo brand was founded in 2015 in San Severo in South-Eastern Italy. A talented artisan by the name of Simone Minchillo stands behind the brand. He always had a great passion for glasses and frames, which moved him to start his brand and eyewear company after finishing his degree in engineering. 

Simone carries out all the steps in manufacturing himself by hand. From the starting sketches with a pencil to CAD design and -ultimately- production of each frame in his laboratory. 

As you can see in the pictures, his designs are outstanding, with colourful acetates used in creative shapes, inspired by natures beautiful forms. The artisan's passion shines through in every frame so that the end customer can perceive it and wear it with love. 

August Eyewear is exceptionally proud to carry the brand Minchillo in the collection and bring the unique frames to Perth, Australia. 

Try these inspiring frames in-store.

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