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Sunglasses & Optical

Discover the joy of self-expression with Swarovski’s luxurious Eyewear collection. The pieces are designed as an extension to their jewellery families to add sparkle and tone to your look. 


“Eyewear that’s like jewellery for the eyes.”


Let daring cat-eye shapes, geometric outlines or curvaceous oval lenses adorn you in every hue imaginable – from electric blue to dazzling yellow - each pair is crafted using crystal craftsmanship perfected over centuries, bringing a summery sense of possibility that will make sure you stand out this season! So why not take flight into expressive style?


Be the centre of attention with these glamorous sunglasses designed to create an aura of mystique and elegance. Are you ready for a future vision? Then embrace your inner star-power in rose-tinted shades or futuristic frames while sparkles twinkle around excellent blue lenses - every step will be like leaving behind a trail of magic stardust, from sunlit festivities all the way through midnight rooftop parties! 

Try these inspiring frames in-store 

Chaz has been in the optical industry for over 30 years and is renowned for providing the best selection of designer eyewear, sunglasses and service in Perth, Australia.


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Images are courtesy of and copyrighted by Swarovski

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