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Services at August Eyewear



Quality over Quantity

We originated in the small seaside town of Esperance, Western Australia, in 2006, as an independent Optician. During our time in Esperance, we have provided the community, "one-a-of-kind design" in frames. Since 2014 we have been opened our flagship store in Perth, offering our expertise in the capital of Western Australia.


Established in 2014, August Eyewear is a concept store built up by a leading Optician, in the Australian optical industry, Charles Martin. Situated in the heart of Perth CBD, Western Australia, our convenient location offers visitors to Perth and regular clientele the opportunity to experience the finest independent designer eyewear available. Feast one's eyes on leading bespoke handmade eyewear sourced annually from around the world. As key representatives, our team dedicates themselves as patrons to the arts with a strong aesthetic sense of quality over quantity.   



Re-assurance with Personal Health Insurance

Health funds with optical benefits are great things to have with you when you visit. At August Eyewear the majority of health fund rebates can be processed for immediate payment in store.


For further information regarding rebates, we suggest contacting your health fund provider prior to your visit. Now supporting 98% of health funds, we use the assistance from Hicaps to implement your health claim billing. They provide efficient and easy payment processing for your health fund.



Lenses of Superior Quality

At August Eyewear we endeavour to service our clients with the highest quality products giving visual clarity to your lenses which is why we support Rodenstock of Germany.  


Having been in the optical industry and a leader in innovation and technology for over 140 years.  This gives us and you our clients the surety of a quality product at all times. Find out more



Eye Care for Eye Health and Eyewear

At August Eyewear, we aim to provide our clients with the best customer service. We believe in a personalised approach.


Regular eye examinations are essential in order to ensure your eyes are healthy and your visual needs are being met. An eye health check could also highlight a range of other systemic conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or other health issues. We recommend seeing one of the preferred optometrists that we enjoy working with.




At August Eyewear we are committed to providing exceptional technology to deliver your optical requirements with the latest lenses from Rodenstock..  


We are able to give you an idea of what you will look like in your new frames which gives us accurate measurements to tailor make the lenses to fit.  we are able to show you variations of lens treatments available from Rodenstock.

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