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Optical & Sunglasses

VAVA is pioneering the eyewear revolution, inviting you to join in on a movement that shapes and builds for an ever-changing world. These are contemporary yet subtly futuristic glasses crafted using traditional artistry with cutting-edge technology. Giving wearers confidence no matter what time they live through!


VAVA’s unique design brings us back to the minimalist Bauhaus movement, paying homage to revered artists like Sol Lewitt and Malevich. The mission of this brand is unisex - an effort toward social progress that conquers superfluous elements resulting in gender neutrality. As we step into a new era of cultural transformation, VAVA stands up for equality by envisioning a future without racial or gendered boundaries but with diversity at its core.

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Chaz has been in the optical industry for over 30 years and is renowned for providing the best selection of designer eyewear, sunglasses and service in Perth, Australia.

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Images are courtesy of and copyrighted by Vava Eyewear.

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