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Oscar Mamooi

Optical & Sunglasses

Oscar Mamooi is a passionate personality who is bold and irreverent. Having worked for years as the legendary Milanese club Plastic's door selector, his creativity has developed over time. It shines through in his eyewear designs. Oscar started self-taught and now produces collections that have won people's hearts with their inspiring beauty – inspired by nature itself! 


With advanced technologies like hot pressing, used to create irregular shapes reminiscent of man's connection to nature, these imaginative frames feature jagged ice embedded within them, which also capture the unpredictability yet smoothness of icebergs beautifully emerging from icy waters. 


When looking at Mamooi's eyewear designs, you'll experience an array of stunningly graceful, dazzlingly dynamic, and sinuously alluring looks. From comely glacial hues to vanishing grace – every bold and passionate individual will find something in this exquisite collection that resonates deeply!

Try these beautiful frames in-store. 


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Images are a courtesy of and copyrighted by Oscar Mamooi.

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