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Optical & Sunglasses

Design isn't about leaving things out; it's about making your statement. CAZAL Eyewear is the perfect example - each piece has a personality that goes beyond being trendy. It takes an extraordinary designer to create eye-catching pieces with real staying power in today’s ever-evolving fashion world, one who knows how to bring their unique vision into reality and make timeless statements along the way. Cari Zalloni did this through his passion for eyewear design – transforming modern life into wearable art without sacrificing style or quality.


CAZAL eyewear is a luxurious style statement designed for individuals who don't shy away from extravagance and self-expression. The extensive crafting process we use to create each of our exclusive frames reflects the passion with which we design every pair: up to 50 components are scrutinised by experts using precision artistry and quality checks before being crafted together using top materials like titanium or gold. Revel in an experience that's incomparable when you put on CAZAL Eyewear!

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Chaz has been in the optical industry for over 30 years and is renowned for providing the best selection of designer eyewear, sunglasses and service in Perth, Australia.

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Images are courtesy of and copyrighted by Cazal Eyewear.

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