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Komorebi, founded in 2016 by Belgian entrepreneurs and friends Kristof De Smet and Brent De Corde, backgrounds in design and innovation Industrial and interior has been the catalyst for them to start-up the range.  Kristof having been a n early contributor to the Theo brand for some years.

With a vision of excellence and a desire to stand by their commitment to not want to be a "Head offer heels crush, but to leave a long-lasting impression, to be discovered over time".


 Komorebi's eyewear designs set themselves apart by its expressive and organic shapes. A specific design language is hidden in the details of soft and distinguished colours and shapes.  Always requiring that each collection embodies the key words of modest, simple and balanced. 


 At August we find Komorebi to be a refreshing range, truly subtle and elegant for our ladies and suave for our gents.  An icon for our future.  Blessed to offer such a superb product.  

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Chaz has been in the optical industry for over 30 years and is renowned for providing the best selection of designer eyewear, sunglasses and service in Perth, Australia.


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