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True Vintage Revival (TVR)

Optical & Sunglasses

TVR is an incomparable marvel. With its exquisitely crafted frames sourced from the finest Japanese artisans, it's no wonder these exclusive glasses are found in only select independent optical stores worldwide!


TVR eyeglasses are crafted with love and artistry in Sabae, Japan - a place revered worldwide for its dedication to craftsmanship. From precision engineering far beyond the capabilities of machines, each design is truly unique, possessing a specific piece of soul that can only come from handmade authenticity.


Handcrafted with tools passed down through generations of artisans, every piece in the TVR eyewear collection is a work of art celebrating centuries' worth of history. Authentic vintage design features like keyhole bridges, functional spear rivets and 7-barrel hinges are boldly executed by master artisans, creating timeless works that embody technical prowess and unrivalled skill.


Step back in time with TVR, reviving classic vintage eyeglasses made to perfection through a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and precise measurements. Take your pick from their dedicated collection that features iconic frames crafted by artisans who delicately adjust every detail for an exquisite look. By giving new life to these timeless designs, we are ensuring the cultural impact of vintage styles continues far into the future - bringing them forward while preserving the past!

Images are courtesy of and copyrighted by True Vintage Revival.

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