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(courtesy of Coblens)


Emerging from ‘Koblenz’ in Germany not so long ago, Coblens very quickly has become an established and innovative brand known for sleek beautiful designs.   Specialising in using Titanium most of the time for their frames they have also developed production techniques to change colours and create finishes to enhance the shapes.  A large number of their frames are fine and minimal to look at which is very popular and contemporary in shapes.  One of the features that they specialise in is big frames to compliment special prescriptions and face types for the millennial customer and crossing over to the ‘Groovers” of today!


We at August Eyewear are proud to say we were the first outlet in Australia to supply the Australian market with these beautiful frames in 2014 as one of the ranges introduced when opening August Eyewear.  Being such a versatile and robust product to dispense has been its benefit for our clients.

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