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Blake Kuwahara

Sunglasses & Optical

In today's visually driven world, where each of us becomes an amateur photographer and curator through our smartphones, Blake Kuwahara approaches eyewear design as a form of personal expression. Influenced by an eclectic mix of art, architecture, fashion, and culture, he crafts eyeglasses and sunglasses that are not just functional frames but wearable art. His collection encapsulates a profoundly soulful and artisanal sensibility, meticulously curated to resonate with the modern individual.

Blake's design philosophy centres around the idea that eyewear should amplify your personality, not replace it. His sunglasses and eyeglasses are engineered to feel as comfortable in your hand as they do on your face. Through labour-intensive techniques and a keen focus on handwork, he achieves a seamless blend of inner and outer silhouettes. The innovative fusion of dual frames and the interplay of contrasting forms and colours culminate in eyewear that is modern yet comfortably familiar.

Under the umbrella of the Grey Label, Blake Kuwahara takes his passion for anatomy and biological structures to a new level. Each hand-cast, handcrafted frame in this collection showcases intricately designed joints and bone structures, honouring the art of craftsmanship as much as the science of optometry. His ultimate goal remains consistent: to offer eyewear—be it sunglasses, eyeglasses, or unique frames—that is as artful as it is wearable.

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