Collection in-store 

"Experience the Best Designer Eyewear that the World has to offer in-store at August Eyewear"

August Eyewear stands for innovation, independence and quality. Ever since we started over 14 years ago, we work solely alongside independent artisans, optical technology developers, eye-makers and designers. Our role is to ensure that you receive a tailored one-of-a-kind dispense towards your next pair of eyeglasses, contact lenses or optical speciality. As a small independent optician, this is what separates us from the mass-produced ranges and nation-wide opticians. We encourage you to buy high quality handmade, designer frames that will last you your lifetime and forms a perfect match with your personality and face shape.


DITA designer eyewear, worn by Max Verstappen and many other celebrities
Designer eyewear by Italian brand Hapter
Perth based Quinn Eyeworks creates grunge designs that stand out.
Komorebi frames - Belgian Design
Henau designer eyewear for men and women
Ophy eyewear - Groove model
Unique designs by Minchillo Eyewear.
Niloca, Australian designer eyewear
Unique designs by Eyewear designer Rigards
Japanes designer Eyewear that stands the test of time with exceptional eye for detail and quality.
Coblens - very detailed & high quality European and German eyewear
LA Eyeworks Pancha model - designer frames and glasses
Wonderful designs by German based Kuboraum. Masks that are exquisite in both design and use of materials and quality.
Blake Kuwahara eyewear.
AHLEM BonneNouvelle model available in sunglasses and regular eyewear
Factory 900 - Japanese Designer Eyewear and Sunglasses
RAPP Eyewear, LOU design
Ignazio Ibba sunglasses
Iconic designs by Pine Eyewear
AM Eyewear, colourful eyewear and sunglass designs
Talla Eyewear - modern, sleek masculine designs.
Frost Eyewear - Minimalist & Stylish German Eyewear designs

Perfect your chosen eyewear by selecting the superior lenses that match with your lifestyle and activities. Whether you have an active outdoors lifestyle, work in an office with high tech computer systems, or are often found on the road, the right set of lenses will make a huge difference in the experienced quality of life and levels of fatigue. Our close association with Rodenstock, will guarantee the best quality lenses for your frames. Sunglasses with prescription glasses or regular eyeglasses with a prescription are delivered to the highest spec. If you prefer transition lenses, we can help you choose from a wide variety of colours and shades. 

We offer sunglasses and eyeglasses for men and women, in a variety of styles. All our frames originate from the most capable and unique designers around the world. You will love to see and experience the creative designs that we have in-store. 

The different men's and women's style glasses that we have in store include wide frames, small frames, vanguard eyewear, trendy eyewear, cat-eye glasses, fashion frames, stylish sunglasses, light-weight eyewear, round glasses frames and thick colourful or black glasses. They come in a variety of materials, including titanium frames, copper, stainless steel, wood and acetates. 

When you are buying new eyewear, we would recommend you to have an eye exam, especially if your last eye test has been longer than a year ago.