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"The best and most exclusive range of designer eyewear and eyewear brands in Perth, including sunglasses."

August Eyewear stands for innovation, independence and quality. Ever since we started over 14 years ago, we work solely alongside independent artisans, optical technology developers, eye-makers and designers. Our role is to ensure that you receive a tailored one-of-a-kind dispense towards your next pair of glasses, contact lenses or optical speciality. As a small independent optician, this is what separates us from the mass-produced ranges and nation-wide opticians. We encourage you to buy high quality handmade, designer frames that will last you your lifetime and forms a perfect match with your personality and face shape.


Perfect your chosen pair by selecting the superior lenses that match with your lifestyle and activities. Whether you have an active outdoors lifestyle, work in an office with high tech computer systems, or are often found on the road, the right set of lenses will make a huge difference in the experienced quality of life and levels of fatigue.

Caroline Abram 

Eyewear for all the women who want to feel beautiful, sensual or just themselves.


Roger Henley 

Exceptional Australian designed and manufactured Eyewear. Glasses and frames in spectacular geometric designs and beautiful acetates. 


It's All About Your Vision & Self-Expression

Be You.

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