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Optical Fair Silmo in Paris!!

When you hear the song and groove from the Bee Gees, Staying Alive, what do you feel like doing? I think of John Travolta walking down the street and strutting his stuff to show the world he can do this. The movie then takes you on a journey of discovery, very much like when you walk into August Eyewear and witness the amazing range of spectacle frames that have the power to change your direction! My name is Robyna and I am the wife of Charles who curates the collection offered at August Eyewear in the centre of Perth. To keep you up with what has been happening in our little salon of exquisiteness, Charles has been checking out the latest in design and innovation in Paris during Fashion Week 2019/20. It has been very exciting with all the happenings of both the Independent Optical and Clothing industries coinciding in the city of art and design that influences the whole world. We look forward to introducing our wonderful clients and friends to the NEW ranges and exciting progressions in the wonderful lines that we have in our salon already. The times ahead are going to be amazing and we wish to share our Vision of the World with you.

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