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Perth’s Favourite Optician for Designer Glasses

Handcrafted designer glasses by Minchillo

Optician August Eyewear offers unique Designer Glasses

The optician that brings you the world’s best and most unique designer glasses, so you can have those designer prescription glasses or designer sunglasses that suit your style and needs.

Unique eyewear by Kuboraum, can either be worn as normal glasses or sunglasses.

Superb Customer Service & Designer Glasses

Quality designer glasses, outstanding service, and happy customers – that’s the August Eyewear promise. Read our reviews to discover why we're the best rated optician.

What Makes Us Different

August Eyewear stands as a beacon amongst opticians in Perth for having an unparalleled selection of unique styles and exquisite designer glasses in its wonderful eyeglasses shop at 575 Wellington Street.


August Eyewear's mission is the commitment to offering distinctive designer prescription glasses, designer reading glasses and sunglasses that enhance visual clarity and serve as an extension of personal style and individuality. The eyewear is sourced from the world's leading eyewear shows. It is here that Chaz handpicks the latest trends, innovative designs, and emerging brands, ensuring that August Eyewear's eyewear selection remains at the forefront of fashion.


August Eyewear's vision goes beyond simply selling designer glasses. It's about creating a personalized experience for each customer, where their needs and preferences are met with expert advice and a keen eye for detail. Whether you're in search of the perfect pair of sunglasses to complement your lifestyle or bespoke prescription eyewear frames that make a statement, contact lenses or eye care services, August Eyewear is at your service. Additionally, our optical services ensure that your eyewear fits perfectly and provides optimal vision, with services ranging from lens fittings to adjustments, all tailored to meet your individual needs.

As August Eyewear is an optician and not an optometrist, we recommend you to visit your optometrist for an eye exam (if it's been longer than one and a half year ago), or simply call them to retrieve your prescription and take it with you to August Eyewear.


Embark on a journey through the exclusive collection at August Eyewear and discover the difference that comes from a passion for eyewear, a commitment to quality, and a vision for bringing the world's most unique eyewear to the streets of Perth.

Kamemannen offers a range of classic eyewear with modern manufacturing methods and light titanium materials.

Visit Us in Perth CBD & Find The Best Designer Glasses

We invite you to visit our eyeglasses shop at 575 Wellington Street in Perth. Consider having an eye exam and bring your prescription from your optometrist.

Charles Martin, from August Eyewear - Premier Optician and Eyeglasses Shop in the Perth CBD, WA.

How Optician August Eyewear originated

August Eyewear originated in the small seaside town of Esperance, Western Australia, in 2006, as an independent Optician. In Esperance, we provided the community with one-of-a-kind designer glasses and sunnies. People from far & wide travelled to our eyeglasses shop for our unique designer glasses, sunglasses and excellent eye care services. In 2014 we moved to Perth to open our flagship eyeglasses shop, offering our expertise in the capital of Western Australia.

Quality Designer Eyewear, and Happy Customers

New Additions to Our Collection

We’re thrilled to introduce new designer eyewear brands to our in-store collection, including KUBORAUM, AM Eyewear, Rigards, KaneManNen, and Minchillo.

Optician August Eyewear Perth unqiue eyewear and sunglasses, 575 Wellington Street Perth WA
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